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Barbara Blackburn—Advocacy from A to Z

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About Barbara Blackburn, PhD

Barbara Blackburn, PhD is the author of 18 books and a full-time consultant who works with schools around the world to help raise the level of rigor and motivation for professional educators and students alike. Dr. Blackburn has been named to the Top 30 Education Gurus by Global Gurus for 3 years running, and she’s co-author of the new book Advocacy A to Z.

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Lyna - March 21, 2018 Reply

I was amazed while listening to the ideas and thoughts shared by Dr. Balckburn. She inspired me more to add to my list of advocacy and lobbying strategies for this coming year 2018. I was able to invite friends to listen and reflect on this so that lil by lil we can do differently. Thanks Dr Blackburn esp to my mentor Dr. Justin Baeder fo the daily learning.

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