Discover Your School's Instructional Leadership Capacity Score
Instructional leadership capacity is your school's ability to make and implement operational and improvement decisions.

There's no one-size-fits-all way to build this capacity, but every school has a primary "bottleneck" that must be addressed first—so improvement efforts are focused on the right challenges, in the right order.
Why Get Your School's Score?
Every school faces different challenges in the pursuit of excellence, but many schools are focused on the wrong challenges
This quiz will help you identify the key areas to address next as you strive to build capacity
Based on your role, you'll discover specific actions you can take to build your school's capacity
At The Principal Center, it's our mission to help you build capacity for instructional leadership in your organization.

Take the quiz to discover the best place to focus right now. We'll send your detailed score report and suggested action items immediately.

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