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Rene Molina—The High Performance Triangle

Rene Molina joins Justin Baeder to discuss discuss The High Performance Triangle and how the 21-Day Instructional Leadership Challenge helped him.

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Rene's email,[email protected]

About Rene Molina

A former high school math coach, Rene is an administrator in Saddle Mountain Unified School District in Arizona.

Kelly Morgan—Mastery Learning In The Science Classroom

Kelly Morgan joins Justin Baeder to discuss her book, Mastery Learning In The Science Classroom.

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About Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan Dempewolf, PhD helps teachers develop the scientist in every student. She writes and publishes resources on student-paced mastery learning on her website, Dr. Morgan is author of Mastery Learning in the Science Classroom (NSTA Press). You can get her eBook Creating Dynamic Questions with ExamView for free when you subscribe to her newsletter.

Frank Buck—Get Organized: Time Management for School Leaders

Frank Buck joins Justin Baeder to discuss his book, Get Organized: Time Management for School Leaders.

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Barbara Blackburn—Rigor in Your Classroom: A Toolkit for Teachers

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About Barbara Blackburn

Barbara Blackburn, PhD is an author and full-time consultant who works with schools around the country to help raise the level of rigor and motivation for professional educators and students alike.

Sean Cain—Fundamental 5

Sean Cain joins Justin Baeder to discuss his book, Fundamental 5.

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  • Purchase Sean's book, Fundamental 5.
  • About Sean Cain

    Sean Cain spent the formative years of his career working in difficult instructional settings. Recognized for the success of both his students and the systems he designed and implemented, he quickly moved up through the instructional leadership ranks. This culminated in his last public education position as State Director of Innovative School Redesign (Texas). Currently, Cain serves as the Chief Idea Officer for Lead Your School (LYS), a confederation of successful school leaders dedicated to improving student, campus, and district performance. A passionate speaker, Cain is a sought-after national presenter and trains educators in schools and districts across the county. The primary foci of Cain’s current research and fieldwork are making complex problems solvable and the translation of theory into systematic practice.

    Maia Heyck Merlin—The Together Teacher

    Maia Heyck Merlin joins Justin Baeder to discuss her book, The Together Teacher.

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    About Maia Heyck Merlin

    Maia Heyck-Merlin spends the majority of her time designing and delivering training for busy teachers and school leaders around the country. Prior to this she was chief talent officer for Achievement First, a high-performing charter school management organization. Maia was a fourth- and fifth-grade teacher and she spent five years on the staff of Teach For America in a number of leadership roles.

    Daniel Venables—The Practice of Authentic PLCs

    Daniel Venables joins Justin Baeder to discuss his book, The Practice of Authentic PLCs.

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    About Daniel Venables

    Daniel R. Venables is an Education Consultant and Executive Director of the Center for Authentic PLCs, an organization committed to assisting schools in building, leading, and sustaining authentic Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). He is author of How Teachers Can Turn Data Into Action (ASCD, 2014) and The Practice of Authentic PLCs: A Guide to Effective Teacher Teams (Corwin Press, 2011). He can be reached at [email protected] or at 803-206-3578.

    Kimberly Mitchell—The Inquiry 5

    Kimberly Mitchell joins Justin Baeder to discuss with The Inquiry 5.

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    Visit Kimberly's website:

    About Kimberly Mitchell

    Kimberly Mitchell is founder and CEO of Inquiry Partners based in Seattle, a former classroom teacher and school administrator who's worked in East LA, Ecuador, Greece, Argentina and Seattle.

    Steve Reifman—22 Habits That Empower Students

    Steve Reifman joins Justin Baeder to discuss his book, 22 Habits That Empower Students.

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    Pamela Kramer Ertel—The ABC’s of Classroom Management

    Pamela Kramer Ertel joins Justin Baeder to discuss her book, The ABC's of Classroom Management.

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    About Pamela Kramer Ertel

    Dr. Pamela Kramer Ertel is Dean of the College of Education at East Stroudsburg University and the author of The ABC's of Classroom Management: An A-Z Sampler for Designing Your Learning Community. She was a professor of early childhood education for 18 years and an elementary classroom teacher for nine years.