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Daniel Bauer—The Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap: Small Ideas That Lead To Big Impact

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About Daniel Bauer

Daniel Bauer is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools where he hosts the most-downloaded podcast for school leaders, as well as his Better Leaders Better Schools mastermind for school leaders.

Show Transcript

Voiceover: Welcome to Principal Center Radio bringing you the best in professional practice. Here’s your host, director of the Principal Center and champion of high performance instructional leadership, Justin Baeder.

Justin: Welcome everyone to Principal Center Radio, I'm host Justin Baeder and I'm honored to be joined today by my good friend Daniel Bauer. Daniel is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools where he hosts the most downloaded podcast for school leaders, as well as his Better Leaders Better Schools mastermind for school leaders, and he's got many fabulous leaders in that from all over the world. Daniel is also the author of the new book the better leaders better schools roadmap small ideas that lead to big impact which we're here to talk about today and now our feature presentation. So Daniel welcome back to Principal Center Radio, how are you today?

Daniel: I’m fantastic. If you can see me I had the biggest grin on my face, because I love connecting with you Justin on your show or having you on my podcast, and this is just an absolute pleasure so thank you out for having me on the show.

Justin: Well likewise and the feeling is mutual it's been great to connect with you over the years and to see your ideas for this book take shape, and to see the conversations that have led to this book. The book is subtitled small ideas that lead to big impact and I wonder if we could start with that idea of small ideas. You and I have both been school leaders we have both seen both the big and the small actions that leaders take that make a difference, so talk to me a little bit Daniel about why small ideas are kind of at the heart of the road map.

Daniel: Sure. You know I think when I started writing the book I wasn't sure how it's going to come together to be quite honest, and the inspiration comes from Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams. So people are familiar with Seth's work, he writes in this punchy style, it’s easily digestible but within a very short what to be considered a blog post or a chapter. He’ll really add the value right and add the impact that's there so in stop stealing dreams he welcomes the reader to criticize his work or write their own version of their education manifesto. I did Stop Stealing Dreams 2.0 which is really what we're talking about today, and I just wanted to really give people a sense of maybe the wide breadth of experience that I've had I've you know you and I have talked to hundreds at this point of school leaders on both our podcasts and you learn a lot from those types of conversations let alone the experience that we had with in leading different schools so there's a menu of ideas that people can enjoy and even if they take action on just one I think it'll lead to big impact that they want to see within their schools.