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VIDEO #1. Email As A Leadership Tool

In this video, we’ll explore the true purpose of email—and how you can use it more effectively as a leadership tool.


VIDEO #2. What Belongs In Your Inbox?

In this video, we get real about how many emails belong in your inbox long-term (can you guess?). 


VIDEO #3. Pick & Click—The Productivity Killer

In this video, we’ll confront the most common—and most counterproductive—way to handle your email. And we’ll talk about the simple change that can help you get through your email—and your work—dramatically faster.


VIDEO #4. The Two Minute Rule

As you’ll see in today’s video, email isn’t great at handling this range of tasks, because email is a communication tool. To keep track of your work, plan your time, and get more done, you need an electronic to-do list app.


VIDEO #5. Processing Your Inbox

In this video, we'll explore:

  • The short list of options for handling every message
  • Why near-automatic processing is essential
  • What to do with newsletters you haven’t kept up with—even if you can’t bring yourself to delete them

VIDEO #6. The Importance Of Follow-Up

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The essential tool for following up on emails that you send
  • How you can also use this tool to remind yourself to follow up—for those times when you say "I'll check back and see how things are going"

VIDEO #7. The Right And Wrong Way To Follow Up

In this video, we’ll explore:

  • The terrible temptation that arises when you gain the ability to “snooze” unpleasant emails, and how you must resist it
  • The toughest part of any email that can’t be put off (do this right away, even if it’s painful)

VIDEO #8. Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

In this video, we’ll explore:

  • Why we get sucked into writing long email replies
  • The power of this simple policy to dramatically simplify your email replies
  • How we can free up the time we need for phone calls and face-to-face conversations

VIDEO #9. Text Expansion

In this video, we’ll explore:

  • The apps that can allow you to type dramatically faster, with no additional practice
  • The side benefit for your leadership—which has nothing to do with speed or efficiency
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    VIDEO #10. What We've Learned & Where We're Going

    In this video, we’ll discuss how to develop habits for high performance.

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