Staffing Survey Dec 2021

from The Principal Center  

About This Survey

This is an informal survey to assess the sub, staffing, and student behavior situation in K-12 schools. Please answer whichever questions you wish; you can skip any questions you prefer not to answer. Thanks! —Justin Baeder, PhD, Director, The Principal Center
Sub Situation
What's your current situation with subs? Are you able to cover teacher absences with subs?
Are you personally covering classes?

Please share anything else you wish on your sub situation
Staffing Situation—Teachers
Specifically for teaching positions, are you fully staffed and expecting to stay that way? In other words, do you have a permanent employee in every teaching position?
Please share anything else you wish about your staffing situation
Teacher Burnout Concerns
Are you seeing excessive absences or other signs of teacher burnout?
Please share anything else you wish about your teacher burnout concerns
Student Behavior Situation
How is student behavior this year compared to pre-pandemic years?
Name (Optional)
e.g. “Assistant Principal, Rural 6-8 middle school, 400 students, high poverty” or “Elementary principal, affluent suburban, 500 students”
Would you like us to attribute any quotes, or keep your name off of any quotes we share?