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About Amy Baeder

Dr Amy Baeder is an independent education consultant supporting instructional excellence through project-based learning. Dr. Baeder is the Director of the Project-Based Learning Network, which supports teachers across the United States and 43 countries.

Designing Meaningful Remote Learning with PBL

11am CDT Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

We all have questions about what learning will look like when schools reopen (and what to do if they don’t). This webinar will explore how to create engaging, purposeful units if you are teaching students from a distance. You’ll learn:

  • How to unlock students’ innate desire to do purposeful work
  • The difference between using technology and leveraging technology in remote learning settings
  • Why students crave the consistency of project-based learning units
  • How to transition your instruction to project-based learning (even if your classes are online)
  • The steps you can take to start writing a high-quality PBL unit TODAY

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