Read The Starts and Stumbles of Restorative Justice in Education: Where Do We Go from Here?

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About the Authors

Anne Gregory is a professor at Rutgers University. Since she joined the faculty, she has been dedicated to making advances in her areas of research on school discipline. Dr. Gregory has been part of the Research-to-Practice Collaborative on Discipline Disparities, comprised of a national panel of researchers, educators, and policy analysts advocating for change in the gender and race disparities in discipline.

Katherine Evans has been a professor in teacher education at Eastern Mennonite University since 2011. She teaches courses in educational psychology, special education, and restorative justice in education (RJE). She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville where her dissertation research employed phenomenological interviews with middle school students about their experiences with in-school suspension.

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