Bryan Harris joins Justin Baeder to discuss his book, Creating a Classroom Culture That Supports the Common Core.

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About Bryan Harris

Bryan Harris serves as the Director of Professional Development & Public Relations for the Casa Grande Elementary School District in Arizona.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Educational Leadership degree from Northern Arizona University. He earned a doctoral degree (Ed.D.) from Bethel University in Minnesota after studying factors that impact new teacher retention. He also holds a certification in brain-based learning from Jensen Learning Corporation.

As a former teacher, district-level specialist, and principal, Bryan understands the challenges teachers and school leaders face as they strive to meet the needs of all students.

He regularly speaks to educators across the country on the topics of student engagement, motivation, classroom management, brain-based learning, and standards implementation.

As the author of three highly regarded books published by Routlege, he has a passion for helping educators discover ways to positively impact students.

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