Chris Daikos & Courtney Daikos joins Justin Baeder to discuss their work with trauma-informed multi-tiered systems of support.

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About Chris Daikos & Courtney Daikos

Chris Daikos, M.iT., M.Ed, Ed.S, is currently Adjunct Faculty in the College of Education at Seattle University, and previously a special education teacher, school psychologist and administrator, whose passion and research focus on behavior disorders as well as the school to prison pipeline. Courtney, M.Ed. served students at the elementary and secondary level as a teacher and administrator, in Chicago and the South Seattle regions, where she focused on equitable access to relevant academics and restorative social-emotional practices for linguistically and culturally diverse communities. She now serves school districts as a Partnership Director for Equal Opportunity Schools and as a consultant on trauma informed MTSS for Continua Consulting Group.

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