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F. Joseph Merlino is President of The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, a Philadelphia area non-profit research and action organization he co-founded in 2007. For the past 35 years, he has served as the principal investigator or director of many National Science Foundation, U.S Department of Education, and U.S. Agency for International Development projects impacting thousands of secondary math and science teachers and hundreds of schools. Currently, he directs a project in Egypt to design five new undergraduate STEM teacher preparation programs. The project involves over 100 US and Egyptian staff and five US and five Egyptian universities. He oversaw the development of 21 new model STEM high schools based on Egypt’s 11 Grand Challenges. He has worked in Egypt for the past 12 years. He has a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester and an MA in Education from Arcadia University. He did doctoral studies in cognitive developmental psychology at Catholic University.
Deborah Pomeroy is professor emeritus of science education at Arcadia University. She started her career in research at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the University of Alaska’s Institute of Arctic Biology. Shifting her career into science education, she taught high school science for 19 years in Fairbanks, AK, during which time she received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. Following her high school teaching career, she completed doctoral studies at the Harvard Graduate School for Education. She then taught science education at Arcadia University for 14 years where she directed multiple education reform projects K-16. Later, in Egypt, she helped to lead a massive project to develop a new integrated STEM education curriculum funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

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