Join Dr. Justin Baeder of The Principal Center for a 12-month book study and implementation programme on changing teacher practice through evidence-driven feedback conversations. We'll explore:

  • A sustainable model for getting into classrooms every day and talking with teachers about their practice
  • How to set up systems to deal with the productivity challenges and interruptions that can make it difficult to get into classrooms consistently
  • How to develop a daily and weekly schedule of classroom visits, so you see each teacher every two weeks and have a brief conversation
  • Developing shared expectations, so you have a precise, common language for talking about practice
  • Identifying school-level improvement priorities based on your feedback conversations
  • Building the instructional leadership capacity of teachers serving as team/grade/division leaders
  • Navigating the relationship between informal classroom visits, formal observations, and annual evaluations

Now We’re Talking Felixstowe 3 Programme

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