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James Bailey’s career has encompassed teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, school turnaround leader, consultant and superintendent roles spanning Texas, Colorado and Wyoming. As Superintendent in Wyoming, his district was the first member in the state to join the League of Innovative Schools after reform efforts around personalized learning and social-emotional development. In San Antonio, he led the turnaround efforts for the Carpe Diem Schools. His deep-seated commitment to equity and supporting school leaders led to his training as an executive coach and co-founding Brass Tacks Innovations with a focus on supporting educational leaders to develop their SEL skills to support adults and students. He is also an advocate for helping schools and districts create better learning capacity to adapt to the future and in helping leaders and young people become more self-aware of their social and emotional needs to develop the skills to work with others on a more human level. He has a PhD in Educational Leadership and Innovation from the University of Colorado-Denver, is a prolific publisher and presenter, and currently serves as a core faculty member at Walden University in the area of educational leadership.

Randy Weiner has worked in education and education technology and consulting throughout his career. He co- founded and served as the first Chairman of the Board at Urban Montessori Charter School (UMCS) in Oakland, CA—the nation’s first public Montessori, Arts Integration and Design Thinking school. Randy is also a co-founder and the CEO at BrainQuake, a two- time U.S. Department of Education Small Business Innovation Award winner. A Teach for America alum and father to two daughters, Randy taught for 5 years in Oakland and Madagascar, and holds two BAs from Middlebury College and an MA in Education from Stanford.

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