Part 4: What Is Organizational Learning?

In this final video, we’ll take a deep dive into organizational learning, and you’ll discover how to approach change in ways that both maximize improvement, and maximize the learning that results from your improvement work.

Part 1: Introduction

In this introduction to the School Improvement Challenge, Dr. Justin Baeder of The Principal Center discusses how you can overcome Organizational Inertia by using 4 kinds of goals.

Part 2: Changing Practice & Changing People

Why do people get cynical about school improvement efforts? In this 2nd video, you'll discover how to overcome Initiative Fatigue by building momentum with high-will, high-skill teachers first.

Part 3: Change Overload

What can you do when even your strongest, most enthusiastic teachers are overwhelmed with improvement initiatives? In this video, you'll learn how to protect against Change Overload.

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