Stretching Your Learning Edges - Book Study with Jennifer Abrams

Wednesday, March 1

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1-2:30pm Central

Wednesday, March 8

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1-2:30pm Central

Wednesday, March 15

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Wednesday, March 22

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1-2:30pm Central

What Does It Mean To Grow (Up) At Work?

Richly rooted in adult development theories, Jennifer Abrams defines five facets of what it means to grow (up) in a work context, which we'll explore in this 4-part book study:

  1. Know Your Identity 
  2. Suspend Certainty 
  3. Take Responsibility 
  4. Engage in Reciprocity 
  5. Build Resiliency

These "learning edges" aren't taught in teacher or principal certification programs—but they're essential for creating a culture of adult learning in your organization.

This program will reframe your ideas about professional relationships and provide resources for navigating the inner and outer tensions of working productively with teammates and colleagues.

You’ll find self-assessment rubrics for each facet, and 49 exercises interspersed with videos, stories, and quotes that illuminate and educate.

You'll discover a treasure trove of insights, actions, and options for educators seeking greater self-awareness, and increased emotional and mental resourcefulness to meet the challenges of these demanding times.

Who Should Register?

Stretching Your Learning Edges is open to all educators, including teachers, principals, and central office leaders. 

We recommend registering teams to maximize the impact on your collective work. Each participant will receive a hardcopy of the book, access to our live sessions, and the permanent access to the recordings. 

About Jennifer Abrams

Jennifer Abrams is an international educational and communications consultant for public and independent schools, universities and non-profits. Jennifer trains and coaches teachers, administrators and others on new teacher/employee support, having hard conversations, collaboration skills and being your best adult self at work.

In her over two decades at Palo Alto Unified School District (Palo Alto, CA, USA), Jennifer was a high school English teacher, new teacher coach, and professional development facilitator. She left PAUSD in 2012 to start her full time communications consultancy in which she works with schools and organizations across the globe.

Jennifer presents at annual North American-based conferences such as Learning Forward, ASCD, NASSP, NAESP, AMLE, ISACS and the New Teacher Center Annual Symposium among others.

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