Tom Schimmer, Cassandra Erkens & Nicole Dimich Vagle—Growing Tomorrow’s Citizens in Today’s Classrooms


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About The Authors

Tom Schimmer is an author and a speaker with expertise in assessment, grading, leadership, and behavioral support. He is a former district-level leader, school administrator, and teacher.

Cassandra Erkens is a presenter, facilitator, coach, trainer of trainers, keynote speaker, author, and above all, a teacher. She presents nationally and internationally on assessment, instruction, school improvement, and professional learning communities.

Nicole Dimich Vagle works with elementary and secondary educators in presentations, trainings, and consultations that address today’s most critical issues all in the spirit of facilitating improved support of student learning.

Together they are the authors of Growing Tomorrow’s Citizens in Today’s Classrooms: Assessing Seven Critical Competencies. 

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