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What's Included in the Job Search Starter Pack
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10 Experience Matrix™ Résumé Templates with Matching "Perfect Fit" Cover Letter Templates

($170 Value)

Stand out with these ten sets of fully customizable Microsoft Word .docx templates for your résumé & cover letter—built with precisely the right sections, in the right order, to make your experience shine through.

Rapid Interview Prep Toolkit

($589 Value)

Get our 1-Sheet Interview Prep Storyboard, high-priority question Video Interview Practice tool, plus interview strategies and video practice questions to help you prepare for upcoming interviews so you rise above the competition.

Ascend Trail Map Tracker

($19 Value)

Use this drag-and-drop organizer to keep track of the jobs you're applying for at every stage of the hiring process—plus keep your documents, answers to application questions, and other key information handy so you can apply for more jobs, faster.

Ascend Job Search Diagnostic

($99 Value)

Feeling stuck? Wondering where to focus your efforts right now? Our interactive assessment helps you focus on the most important actions at every stage of your job search, with instant recommendations. 

Interview Prep Game Plan

($49 Value)

The Interview Prep Game Plan training will help you prepare for your next job interview—whether it's tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year.

How To Write Accomplishment Bullets For Your Résumé

($49 Value)

The How To Write Accomplishment Bullets For Your Résumé training will help you rise above other candidates who merely list their duties.

How To Craft Your "Perfect Fit" Cover Letter To Get More Interviews

($99 Value)

How To Craft Your "Perfect Fit" Cover Letter To Get More Interviews—training + 150-slide PDF to give you specific language to use to construct your cover letter, line by line. 

Ascend Leadership Journal

($19 Value)

What should you talk about in interviews and application materials? It's often difficult to recall the specifics of work you did months or years ago. The Ascend Leadership Journal is loaded with prompts to help you identify the most compelling experience, accomplishments, and stories.

Experience Matrix™ Résumé Blueprint

($19 Value)

The Experience Matrix™ Résumé Blueprint is our 16-Page PDF guide to the perfect résumé—so you know exactly what information to include...and what to leave out. Too many résumés are cluttered with unsupported claims and unnecessary detail. Give the reader just the right facts in the right order, so you land in the "Yes" pile and get more interviews. 

Members-Only Tools

Your purchase includes a free trial of the Instructional Leadership Association, which includes full access to our premium members-only tools—a $1500 value:

Ascend VIP

($500 Value)

The interactive Video Interview Practice tool, with more than 50 questions you can practice on-camera so you ace your next interview.

Cover Letter Generator

($500 Value)

The Cover Letter Generator, our drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank app for writing a powerful cover letter that gets you more interviews. 

Ascend Live

($500 Value)

Our Ascend Live library, with in-depth trainings on dozens of specific job search topics and interview questions, covering every stage of the Ascend Trail Map.

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Director, The principal center

Justin Baeder, PhD is Director of The Principal Center, and has been a full-time author and consultant since 2012.

His trainings and resources on the admin job search have helped thousands of leaders land their current roles—from dean of students to superintendent.

Dr. Baeder is the host of Principal Center Radio, a weekly podcast featuring interviews with leading authors and thinkers such as John Hattie, Charlotte Danielson, Robyn Jackson, Douglas Reeves, Ken Williams, and more than 300 other distinguished guests

Justin served his entire career in public education as a principal and teacher in Seattle Public Schools. He holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle University and a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy from the University of Washington.

Dr. Baeder is the author of Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership (Solution Tree), the leading book on classroom walkthroughs, and Mapping Professional Practice: How to Develop Instructional Frameworks to Support Teacher Growth (with Heather Bell-Williams).

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