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About The Principal Center

Our Mission

Our mission is to help schools build capacity for instructional leadership. At The Principal Center, we help school leaders:

Instructional Leadership Association Membership:

To access our webinars, online courses, our online PLN The Instructional Leadership Association, become a member of the Instructional Leadership Association.
Members of the Instructional Leadership Association gain access to our instructional leadership/walkthrough application, Repertoire.

The Challenge:

More than 10,000 administrators in 50 countries have taken Justin's Instructional Leadership Challenge. For more information on The Challenge, visit


Purchase the book Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership

Principal Center Radio:

​Principal Center Radio brings you the best in professional practice for school leaders, in an audio format that you can access on the go.
Principal Center Radio is hosted by Justin Baeder. Guests include, Charlotte Danielson, Matt Miller, Stephanie Hirsh, Russell Quaglia, Dr. Richard Sorenson, and many more!