The 3-A-Day Plan: How To Get Every Administrator into Classrooms Every Day

With Justin Baeder, PhD

What We'll Cover

In this webinar, you'll develop an actionable vision for getting the administrators on your team into classrooms three times a day, every day. We'll explore:

  • Why "heavy" feedback makes it impossible to get into classrooms consistently
  • How instructional leaders change teacher practice without being an expert in every subject area
  • Why the "Medical Model" for diagnosing and prescribing changes to practice undercuts teacher professionalism and puts leaders in a no-win position
  • How to use evidence to get teachers talking, but keep conversations anchored in specifics
  • What to hold your administrators accountable for (and what to STOP demanding)

Justin Baeder, PhD

Director, The Principal Center

About Your Host

Dr. Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center, creator of the Instructional Leadership Challenge, and author of Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership.

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