Evidence-Driven Instructional Coaching

1:1 Support for Leaders & Teachers

Work through a problem of practice with support from our coaching team, or have us work directly with a teacher you support. Areas of focus include:

  • Supporting new or struggling teachers
  • Preparing for difficult conversations with staff
  • Developing shared expectations

Instructional Frameworks as Growth Pathways

Instructional frameworks provide clear growth pathways in specific areas of practice, as we describe in our book Mapping Professional Practice

For coaching engagements that involve supporting teacher growth, we can develop custom instructional frameworks, and help you develop a plan to use them as roadmaps for improvement.

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About Your Coaches

Heather Bell-Williams

Heather Bell-Williams is an experienced teacher, school administrator and consultant, with over 30 years of expertise to bring to her role as Coach and Consultant. Heather holds three bachelor’s degrees in arts and education from York University in Toronto and a Masters of Education in Leadership from the University of New Brunswick, as well as several additional qualifications, including Flourishing Coach certification. Heather is co-author of Mapping Professional Practice (Solution Tree) with Justin Baeder, PhD. 

Justin Baeder, PhD

Justin Baeder, PhD. is author of Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership (Solution Tree), co-author of Mapping Professional Practice (Solution Tree), and creator of the Instructional Leadership Challenge, which has helped more than 10,000 leaders in 50 countries make a daily habit of classroom visits. He holds a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from the University of Washington, and helps senior leaders in K-12 organizations build capacity for instructional leadership