How To Keep Your Desk Clear With The
"A Simple System For a Clutter-Free Desk"

​In this consise and free PDF guide, you'll learn: 
Why clutter tends to build up on administrators' desks, and what we can do about it
How to "snooze" hardcopy documents until just the right day in the future
Why it's actually easier not to use technology for some types of paper 
The trick to eliminating the stack of paperwork that feels like it's been on your desk forever
How you can set up this system TODAY to permanently banish clutter from your workspace
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"As a busy school leader, you have paper landing on your desk constantly, and there's no extra time in the day for getting organized. 
This simple tool can help you declutter your desk and keep it that way—effortlessly and instantly."

Justin Baeder, Director, The Principal Center
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