As an instructional leader, you have so much you could be working on that you must prioritize. Not everything is going to get done, so we need to make sure the right work gets done.

Your electronic to-do list should hold everything that you need to work on, so you can sort and prioritize it. Nothing should be left hiding in email or on sticky notes—it all needs to go in one place.

But that's a lot of information to put on one list—so much that it's usually overwhelming.

When your list is overflowing and overwhelming, how can you possibly prioritize?

The research—which you can read about in Barry Schwartz' book The Paradox of Choice—shows that when we have too many choices, we get overwhelmed.

And when we're overwhelmed, we choose poorly, or not at all. We walk away and do something else.

When you walk away from your to-do list—your dashboard for deciding what to work on—guess what happens to your productivity? Guess what happens to your plans for what you wanted to accomplish for the week?

Down the drain.

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