Recommended Focus:
Improve Your Application Materials

Kudos for putting in so many applications! But...

Houston, we have a problem: Those applications have ONE JOB, and they aren't getting it done, because you aren't getting enough interviews!

The 20% Rule suggests that you should be getting about 1 interview for every 5 applications you submit.

Your numbers seem to indicate that the problem isn't with you or your qualifications, but rather the QUALITY of your applications.

Sorry if that's hard to hear, but think about the information available to the hiring team: they don't know you. They haven't sent scouts to observe you. They're going ENTIRELY on what you submit in your application materials.

The bad news: your application materials aren't cutting it.

The good news: you can easily improve them! It's just a matter of putting in the work. You don't need more experience, degrees, or magical powers—you just need to make yourself come across better on paper.

If you have mentors or people close to you who can help, now is the time to get their assistance in revising your application materials.

If you'd like further assistance, learn about the Ascend Masterclass:

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