Recommended Focus:
Improve Your Interview Performance

Keep practicing so you can make the most of every interview.

Based on your responses, it looks like you're getting stuck at the interview stage. You're getting interviews, which is great—if you're invited to interview once for every five applications you submit, there's no problem with your application materials.

But the stakes of bombing an interview are extraordinarily high. There are no do-overs. So it's crucial that you get very, very good at interviewing. Here's how.

The free plan: practice answering questions on video—simply record yourself with your phone. Make sure you can talk for 4-5 minutes on virtually any question. Make sure you have 5-10 stories you can include to add credibility and interest to your responses.

The serious plan: Get detailed feedback and support from the Ascend Masterclass:

The Ascend Masterclass gives you start-to-finish training and support for every stage of the ed leadership job search.