Recommended Focus:
Play the Numbers Game

Keep applying for jobs, and adjust course based on what happens next using the 20% Rule.

So far, you don't have enough applications in to indicate a specific problem in your search. This is a numbers game—applying for just a handful of jobs isn't the path to success, unless you happen to get lucky.

The 20% Rule suggests that you should get one interview for every 5 applications you submit. But it takes 15+ applications to detect a reliable trend.

If you're still not getting interviews after 15+ applications, or if you're consistently getting an interview less than 1/5th of the time, you can take this quiz again to pinpoint any weaknesses in your application.

So, keep at it! If you'd like help, check out the Ascend Masterclass:

The Ascend Masterclass gives you start-to-finish training and support for every stage of the ed leadership job search.