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The Paper(Less)  Office Makeover features 7 dynamic videos that will walk you through the core strategies, tools, and habits that will help you rid your desk of clutter and get current on the work that really matters.

You can take notes in your downloadable PDF workbook to follow along and reflect on your practice.

In This 7-Part Program You'll Learn

The essential tools to keep within arm’s reach so you can optimize your paper-based workflow

How to use digital tools to keep track of your paper-based work, without lots of scanning or duplicated effort

How you can cut your filing time (and your secretary’s) by 99%, without making it any harder to find what you’re looking for

How to “snooze” a hardcopy document so it shows up precisely when you want to see it, and it’s off of your desk in the meantime

What People Are Saying About The Paper(Less) Office Makeover

"I have tried for 15 years (unsuccessfully) to clear my desk. You effectively helped me do it in 15 minutes..."

I want to thank you...I have tried for 15 years (unsuccessfully) to clear my desk. You effectively helped me do it in 15 minutes. Thank you.

Until now, I have felt unable to handle the tasks I already have, much less take on the additional responsibilities my school may need.

Bruce // Florida, United States

 Justin Baeder 

 Director, The Principal Center 

A week from today, you'll have systems in place for handling your paper clutter, whether you take the Makeover or not. The real question is...will they be systems that work, or will you be using the same old approaches that leave you buried in clutter?
Let's get started putting better systems in place. 


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