Webinar Details

Declaring War On Mediocrity

With Justin Baeder, PhD.

What We'll Cover:

In this webinar, you'll learn how to quickly identify, properly diagnose, and permanently address pockets of mediocrity in your organization. We'll explore: 

  • How to get teachers to adopt new practices and stop using ineffective practices—without nagging or “gotcha” walkthroughs
  • Why taking “almost good” practice to “almost great” is our single biggest improvement opportunity—even in extremely high- and low-performing schools
  • The secret source of insight into teacher practice that you can’t get from observations—and how to use it to drive school-wide change
  • Why a clear instructional vision is the key to addressing mediocre practice—and how to get teachers invested in it
  • Three psychological factors that trigger teacher resistance and entrench the status quo—and how savvy leaders bypass them