Support for Principal Center Radio comes from Moxtra, your OneStop Portal for districts, independent schools, and companies serving the K-12 world. Your portal is a secure hub for mobile and web, connecting students, teachers and staff, and delivering a virtual school experience.

See how the Moxtra-powered SRULY app is connecting children with special needs with their family, friends, and camp counselors all year long:

Moxtra OneStop apps are built with bank-grade security—see how Moxtra powers Citi Hello, an application to digitize interactions between Citigold clients and relationship managers. By partnering with Moxtra, Citi was able to reimagine their client engagement journey for the digital era. The solution is compliant with all security standards and bank policies, including auto-recording conversations, storing interaction history over years, and more. 

Citigold India customers can message, call, and video chat with relationship managers and other experts through the bank's mobile app. Relationship managers can share documents, provide advice on asset classes, execute deals, get signatures, exchange notes, and launch video meetings—all from within the app. All interactions are saved with a full audit trail.