Individual Navigator membership includes:

  • Instructional Leadership Association Lifetime membership (a $564/year value)
  • The High-Performance Instructional Leadership Certification Program ($1495 value)
  • The Organizational Learning Intensive ($1495 value)
  • The Ascend Masterclass ($1495 value)

Your individual Navigator membership will never expire, and remains yours even if you move into a new role. Simply let us know if you need to update your contact information.

If you wish to convert your individual membership into a school membership, let us know, and we can stop payments on your individual membership and invoice your school. 

Just added 3/18: We've discounted the first month's payment to just $1. You can then make the remaining payments on the typical schedule, or contact us if you're paying for a custom site license quote or need a different monthly payment amount. You can also pay by purchase order in the future and we can stop your monthly payments. Contact us any time at 1-800-861-5172 or [email protected] for asstance.

If you have any questions or prefer to register by phone, please call 1-800-861-5172.