Repertoire has always been the best way to take evidence-rich notes during classroom walkthroughs and teacher observations.

With its Template and Snippet features, you can use precise language with minimal typing.

For example, if you want to refer to your teacher performance standards, you can simply type a few letters, and the relevant standards will be shown in the Snippet field:

You can insert a saved Snippet into your Note by simply hitting enter or clicking on it.

No need to waste time wordsmithing or looking in other documents for precise language—it's all at your fingertips in your personal Snippet database.

We can import whatever you'd like—the evaluation standards you use, like the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching, shown above—or other language used in your organization.

And anything new you type is automatically saved to your Snippet database, so it can be suggested again next time you start to type something similar.

(Hit the X on the right side to delete unwanted snippets.)

Now, we've made it even easier to also take evidence-rich, verbatim notes as you observe.

For verbatim notes, you may not want to save everything as a snippet—for example, when you're capturing dialogue that you probably wouldn't need to use in another situation.

So now, you can toggle “Save New Snippet” on and off as you type, so only re-usable language gets saved to your Snippet database.

As you can see above, we've also added new toggles for:

  • Line breaks
  • Timestamps
  • Whether Seconds and : should be included in timestamps

These features make taking notes in observations or meetings faster than ever.

Simply type, select snippets as needed, and hit enter.

If you aren't using Repertoire, learn more here.

Repertoire is available exclusively to members of the Instructional Leadership Association. If you're already a member, login here, or contact our customer service team for assistance.

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