Thanks for Requesting the Classroom Visit Index Cards!

Important: Watch this video for a quick explanation of how to use the notecards:


  1. Print the notecard template (check your email), copy 2-sided onto card stock, and cut out (OR order below for $4)
  2. Have your admin assistant write out one card for each teacher, and keep the cards in a stack
  3. Every day, have your admin assistant hand you the top 3 cards from the stack. These are the teachers to visit for the day.
  4. Note the date and subject/period of your visit on each card, and put those cards on the bottom of the stack at the end of the day
  5. If you miss someone, put their card on the top of the stack so you can try again tomorrow.

Now, I don't want anything to keep you from getting into classrooms, so I want to make this very easy...

We can send you a stack of 50 notecards—at cost—for $4. 

See below for the order form. We'll also send you a 1-page summary of the plan I teach in the Instructional Leadership Challenge—our online program that has helped more than 10,000 leaders in 50 countries around the world:

  • Confidently get into classrooms every day
  • Have feedback conversations that change teacher practice, and
  • Discover their best opportunities for school improvement

Whether you print your own cards or let us send you a stack at cost, don't delay—get into classrooms! Congrats on taking the first step today.


Justin Baeder, PhD

Director, The Principal Center

Classroom Visit Index Cards Order Form
$4 for 50 notecards

(Note: if you have more than 50 teachers, just reply to your order confirmation email and let us know how many notecards you need—no additional charge.)