How can leaders possibly keep up with ever-increasing quantities of email? In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to safely—and professionally—declare "email bankruptcy" so you can start fresh with a clear inbox
  • The simple mental shift that allows you to use email for what it's best for, without using it as an all-purpose productivity tool
  • Why "asymmetry" is a challenge for leaders everywhere, and how to fight back against the "there's only one of me, but lots of people emailing me" problem
  • How to get rid of vendors and salespeople who clog up your inbox
  • How to dramatically simplify your workflow for dealing with messages you're done with

If you're ready to be DONE with email overwhelm forever, join me for The Inbox Overhaul. It's free for ILA members, or you can buy it here for just $299 $99—a savings of $200. 

In The Inbox Overhaul, you'll learn:

  • How to get your inbox empty in just a few minutes—without losing track of anything you'll need to follow up on later
  • The "timeshifting" strategy—and the tool I personally use—for getting messages out of your inbox until the exact time you need them, so your inbox is clutter-free
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of replying to email on your mobile device—and the one kind of email it's best to answer from your phone
  • How to process your inbox in 21 minutes so you're completely caught up
  • How to start fresh (without losing anything critical) if your inbox is stuffed with thousands of emails
  • The "skin in the game" strategy for dealing with emails that cost you far more time than the sender
  • Why email is a communication tool and nothing more—and how to use it alongside other tools to maximize your productivity
  • How to reduce unwanted marketing emails by 90%, without filtering out the messages you want