PBL Roadmap For Teachers


PBL Roadmap For School and District Leaders

 Dr. Amy Baeder 

Amy Baeder works as an independent consultant supporting instructional excellence in secondary schools, and remains a science teacher at heart. She works closely with Educurious Partners to support the project-based Educurious biology curriculum.

Her devotion to student success, interest in family-school connections and partnerships, as well as her commitment to quality teacher preparation drives her in her work.

Dr. Baeder holds an EdD in Educational Leadership & Policy from the University of Washington, and an MEd in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle University.

Her thinking about science teaching has been heavily influenced by the work of colleagues in science teacher education at the University of Washington. She has piloted two home visit implementations, one at the secondary level and one at the university level for teacher educators in an elementary school, and coordinated the home visit program in her school for two years.

Dr. Baeder has conducted multiple presentations, both individually and collaboratively, on home visits and lesson study at conferences such as ASCD (2009, 2012, & 2016), WERA (2007 & 2012), and Learning Forward (2011, 2015).

Practitioner-friendly publications, specifically regarding home visits and teacher education, include “Stepping into Students’ Worlds” and “Learning and Teaching for the Long Haul.” Her most recent article, “Tips for Effective Blended Learning,” appeared in Principal Magazine.