Thursday, January 28, 2021 @ 7pm Central:


Instructional Leadership for Teacher Practice, Student Learning, & School Improvement

with Justin Baeder, PhD

What We'll Cover

In this free webinar, you'll get an action plan for reconnecting your instructional leadership, in the midst of a year full of disconnection.

 We'll explore:
  • How to "get into classrooms” and stay connected with staff when you can’t visit in person (and how to keep momentum when things change)
  • How to bring staff together around professional practice, even if the normal meetings and traditions have been disrupted
  • How to zero in on student learning, whether students are learning remotely or in-person
  • How to get teachers on the same page about key practices, so next school year is your strongest ever
  • A completely different way of thinking about practice that respects teaching's complexity while giving teachers crystal-clear guidance about how to improve

Justin Baeder, PhD

Director, The Principal Center

About Your Host

Dr. Justin Baeder is Director of The Principal Center, creator of the Instructional Leadership Challenge, and author of Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership