Repertoire New Features Survey 2022

We're developing new Repertoire Content Creator features to support your work. Thanks for any input you can provide! —Justin

Right now, Repertoire only holds text. Would it be useful to be able to store video, audio, photos, or other types of files? What might you use this capability for?
A major need we're looking to meet is managing the various pieces of documentation involved in discipline investigations—not the final records that go in a SIS (Student Information System), but the reports and photos and other artifacts that you have to handle while you're still looking into something. What might be helpful? If you could design your perfect software for this, what would it do?
Another feature we are thinking of adding is transcription (for audio/video) and translation (for text) into other languages, as well as OCR text extraction from photos. Would these features be useful to you, and if so, how would you envision using them?
Lastly, we're working to design a “case” management tool for handling projects and incidents such as referrals. This would include a Tasks feature, as well as configurable templates for different types of situations. One idea is to have templates that you could use to, say, notify parents or staff of various actions taken, similar to how Documents works now—with variables that populate into templates that can be customized. Would that be of interest, and if so, how might you use such a feature?
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