What does it take to succeed in
the ed leadership job search?

Ascend Trail Map for Principal & AP Roles

Your 5-stage path to job search success

A proven 1-page plan for rising above the competition:

  • How to get your application in the "yes" pile
  • The best way to practice for interviews
  • How your references can help you land more interviews
  • The key to getting noticed when you have less experience
  • The mindset it takes to persevere until you succeed

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Justin Baeder, PhD

Director, The Principal Center

❝ The job search is more complex than most people anticipate. It can be overwhelming and exhausting for people who don't know what to expect.

Get a jump on the competition, and start taking the key actions that will help you succeed. You've got this—follow this one-page plan to keep yourself on track. ❞

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