This video will cover the table of contents for this course, as well as giving you insight to the #1 cause of "inbox overwhelm" in leaders.

Leadership & Email

In this video, we discuss the distinct challenge that leaders face with email—Asymmetry. 

Email's Properties

In this video, we cover the basic—but often overlooked—question: What is email and how should leaders use it? 

Get & Stay Current

In this video, we discuss the two-step process of getting and staying current in your inbox. 

Mobile vs. Computer

In this video, we discuss the pros and cons of using a mobile device for email vs. using a computer. 

Timeshifting Email

In this video, we discuss how "timeshifting" can help us deal with the asynchronous nature of email.  

The Right Tools

In this video, we discuss tools instructional leaders can use for "optimum productivity."

Share Your Feedback on The Inbox Overhaul

Small favor—would you be willing to share your feedback and/or a brief testimonial? 

Record a 1-minute video by finishing these three sentences:

  • "I went through The Inbox Overhaul because..." (what challenges were you facing with email?)
  • "The Overhaul changed the way I..." (how did the program change your perspective or practice?)
  • "As a result, I..." (how do you feel? how is your day different?)

You can also respond in writing if you prefer.

Additional Resources

How To End Email Overwhelm Forever—Without Taking Time Away From Your Most Important Leadership Work

In this webinar, we discuss how leaders can successfully keep up with ever-increasing quantities of email.

Decisional Minimalism for Productivity & Self-Care

In this training, you'll learn why minimizing the number of decisions you make in a day is a key to reducing stress and being more productive.

How To Detect & Prevent Burnout With Boundaries

In this training, you'll learn the key warning signs that an educator—perhaps yourself—is facing burnout, and how to put boundaries in place to put the brakes on burnout.