The Principal Center’s mission is to increase the efficiency of K-12 schools.

We pursue this mission by providing professional development and collaboration opportunities to school leaders, classroom teachers, and other educators.

Our flagship program is the High-Performance Instructional Leadership Network, an intensive 12-month online program to help school leaders maximize their productivity in the work of instructional leadership.

High-Performance Instructional Leadership Network

We believe that most of the challenges we face as educators have been solved—somewhere—and that our best opportunity for improvement is to act on what we already know.

Too often, the best ideas in professional practice don’t reach widespread implementation, because the existing channels for spreading great ideas aren’t getting the job done. We believe we can change this, and by bringing the best ideas to more schools, we can impact students’ lives.

Driven by this belief, we offer professional development focusing on leadership, technology, classroom management, and pedagogy.

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