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Staying In The Game: Preventing Principal Burnout

According to this report from School Leaders Network, replacing a single principal can cost a total of $75,000—or more. Isn’t that a staggering figure? Keep in mind that the $75,000 figure doesn’t include salary…those are just the costs of replacing a principal who doesn’t stay. If you consider the cost of: Recruitment Hiring Onboarding Training […]

Seeing Is Believing: The Johari Window & Professional Growth

Know Thyself. —Ancient Greek proverb, attributed to Socrates If we’re to improve our practice as educators, we need to know how we’re currently doing, and honestly assess what we need to change. But that’s not as easy as it sounds, because it’s pretty hard to know yourself. Heck, I can’t even tell if my shirt’s […]

Lessons for School Leaders from the Corporate World

It’s been four years since common core burst onto the scene — and tossed the U.S. educational system on its ear. The standards ushered in an era of reform, marked by increased accountability, new forms of instruction, a change in roles for students and teachers, and new demands for school leaders. Today’s schools now have […]

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Duncan Not Backing Down on Annual Testing

From the Washington Post: Arne Duncan insisted on Monday that the administration would not back away from annual testing for students and performance evaluations of teachers based in part on the results of the tests. Read more at The Washington Post »

The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education, by Kate Rousmaniere

Over at Larry Cuban’s blog, historian and educational leadership professor Kate Rousmaniere describes the paradoxes of the principalship, rooted in the role’s unique history. It’s such a rich piece that it’s hard to pick out just one quote, but here’s a sample: The complex role of the principal is not an accidental by-product of history; […]

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