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Is Your To-Do List Too Long?

The best to-do lists are short, and make it really clear what to focus on next. As an instructional leader, you have so much you could be working on that you must prioritize. Not everything is going to get done, so we need to make sure the right work gets done. Your electronic to-do list should hold everything that you […]

Why Assessment Literacy Matters

Hardly a day goes by without someone complaining that we do too much testing in US schools. While the federal requirements for testing only total about 17 days in students’ entire K-12 career, the actual amount of testing students experience varies greatly from place to place. In some schools, it’s more than 17 days per […]

Setting Students Up For Success—An Interview with Mitch Weathers

Every year, millions of American students fail a class—or several. As school leaders, what can we do? There are all kinds of sophisticated approaches we could take, but I’m convinced that the most basic approaches are the best. If you were a basketball coach, and your team wasn’t winning games, what would you focus on […]

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Duncan Not Backing Down on Annual Testing

From the Washington Post: Arne Duncan insisted on Monday that the administration would not back away from annual testing for students and performance evaluations of teachers based in part on the results of the tests. Read more at The Washington Post »

The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education, by Kate Rousmaniere

Over at Larry Cuban’s blog, historian and educational leadership professor Kate Rousmaniere describes the paradoxes of the principalship, rooted in the role’s unique history. It’s such a rich piece that it’s hard to pick out just one quote, but here’s a sample: The complex role of the principal is not an accidental by-product of history; […]

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