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Why SMART Goals Don’t Work In Isolation

Most schools now use SMART goals of some kind. The exact terms vary, but SMART usually stands for something like: Specific—the goal is tightly focused on a single area Measurable—there’s a specific numerical target that defines success Attainable—the goal is something we can reasonably achieve, with sufficient effort Relevant—the goal matters in the larger picture […]

Powerful Goal-Setting for Students, Staff, and Schools

Goal-setting is a key improvement practice that’s equally applicable at every level of education: Individual students benefit from setting goals When teachers set goals, their students can benefit When schools set goals, their students and teacher can benefit When districts and other organizations set goals, schools, staff, and students can benefit When we set national […]

Everything You Need For A Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Pilot

Do you want to do a pilot of Google Apps for Education in your school? Or, if you have teachers who are already experimenting with GAFE, would you like to turn it into a real pilot? Thousands of schools are all in with GAFE. They’ve switched, and they’re not looking back. But often it’s smart […]

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Check out TheSchoolAdministrator.com

My friend Sam has started a new site at TheSchoolAdministrator.com to bring together insights from school leaders around the world. He explains: I see the school as a big boat. The school administrator is the captain of the boat. If I’m a manager, I’m just keeping the boat afloat. I’m making sure we don’t sink. […]

Helping Teachers Choose An Area of Focus in Goal-Setting

Over at my alma mater’s Center for Educational Leadership, Joanna Michelson has a great article that you should read on choosing an area of focus for your goals. She explains: An area of focus is what teachers choose to work on in their instructional practice based on the learning strengths and challenges of students in […]

Project-Based Learning & Blended Learning PD Institutes in Seattle July 13-17

Our friends at Educurious are offering three different PD opportunities in Seattle July 13-17: Educurious User Summit | July 13 – 17 In this week long session, new teachers in the Educurious Partner Teacher Network will prepare for fall implementation of Educurious units. Project Design Workshop | July 13 – 17 In this week long […]

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