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A Complete Professional Development Solution for Teachers, School-Based Instructional Leaders, 

and Senior District Leaders

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Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership will give you an actionable, realistic plan for getting into classrooms and having conversations with teachers that actually change their practice.


As a member of The Instructional Leadership Association you'll gain access to our library of on-demand trainings to help you build capacity for instructional leadership—plus live + on-demand access to all of our new webinar trainings. 

As part of our Instructional Leadership Association Program, you'll gain access to the Repertoire Instructional Walkthrough Application. Repertoire is designed to help you take notes and send written feedback to teachers in dramatically less time—while helping you build your repertoire of helpful feedback phrases.

The Instructional Leadership Self-Assessment

Identify your #1 focus area as an instructional leader


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