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Free Job Search Webinar—Black Friday, Nov 25 @ 10am CST

ASCEND 2023:

Landing Your Next-Level Instructional Leadership Role

In this webinar, you'll discover your 5-stage path to victory in the 2023 job search. We'll explore:

  • One simple change to your résumé and cover letter that'll get you more interviews without needing more experience than your competitors
  • How to prepare for interviews on short notice (and what to do if you have more time)
  • One action you can take now so you never get a bad reference check (this will also help you land more interviews)
  • How to tell compelling stories that convey your qualities as a leader—without rambling
  • The right way to answer practice questions using your phone—including our 10-point self-assessment rubric

Ready to get into classrooms? The right tools make all the difference.

At The Principal Center, we've been developing tools to help leaders get into classrooms since 2013. Now, for the first time, you can get all of our classroom walkthrough tools in one low-cost bundle:

Classroom Walkthrough Toolbox

Applying for admin jobs?
Get more interviews with these tools, trainings, and 10 matching résumé & cover letter templates

Ed Leadership Job Application Template Bundle

Need to get ready for an upcoming admin job interview?

Rapid Interview Prep Toolkit

Our Flagship Classroom Walkthrough Program

  • Confidently get into classrooms every day

  • Have feedback conversations that change teacher practice

  • Discover your best opportunities for school improvement

Our Flagship Teacher Evaluation Program

  • Help teachers set goals to maximize growth, intrinsic motivation, & student learning

  • Develop improvement plans to address performance issues

  • Use instructional frameworks to create a shared vision for practice

  • Write airtight, evidence-driven final evaluations in a fraction of the usual time

Want to do all of your professional writing—walkthroughs, observations, emails, letters, and more—in a fraction of the time?

Use our autocomplete, drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank writing tool:

Repertoire Content Creator
The Professional Writing App for Instructional Leaders

The #1 Book on Classroom Walkthroughs

Now We're Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership will give you an actionable, realistic plan for getting into classrooms and having conversations with teachers that actually change their practice.

Develop Instructional Frameworks To Support Teacher Growth

Discover how to accelerate teacher growth by taking the “insider’s view” of practice, articulating key dimensions of professional judgment to create clear growth pathways for teachers at every level of fluency in Mapping Professional Practice.

Upcoming Free Webinars

Strategic Action in the Admin Job Search

Leveraging Assets & Actions To Land Your Next-Level Instructional Leadership Role

How can you be strategic about the job search by building the right assets and taking the right actions? In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to be yourself in interviews—but also be prepared
  • How to avoid getting overwhelmed by multiple job opportunities
  • The 20% rule, and what it means for where you should focus your efforts
  • The three most important application assets to create and revise
  • How to tell stories and describe accomplishments in interviews

How To End Email Overwhelm Forever
...without Taking Time Away From Your Most Important Leadership Work

How can leaders possibly keep up with ever-increasing quantities of email? In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to safely—and professionally—declare "email bankruptcy" so you can start fresh with a clear inbox
  • The simple mental shift that allows you to use email for what it's best for, without using it as an all-purpose productivity tool
  • Why "asymmetry" is a challenge for leaders everywhere, and how to fight back against the "there's only one of me, but lots of people emailing me" problem
  • How to get rid of vendors and salespeople who clog up your inbox
  • How to dramatically simplify your workflow for dealing with messages you're done with

Ascend Live

The Ed Leadership Job Search Strategy Show

Looking for your next-level instructional leadership role? 

Join Dr. Justin Baeder for Ascend Live, our weekly training on how to land your next job.

The Instructional Leadership Association

The Principal Center's Membership Program

The Instructional Leadership Association will help you: 

  • Confidently get into classrooms every day
  • Have feedback conversations that change teacher practice
  • Discover your best opportunities for school improvement

As part of our Instructional Leadership Association Program, you’ll gain access to Repertoire Content Creator, the professional writing app for instructional leaders.

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