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Douglas Reeves—100-Day Leaders: Turning Short-Term Wins Into Long-Term Success in Schools

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About Douglas Reeves, PhD

Douglas Reeves, PhD is the founder of Creative Leadership Solutions. The author of more than 30 books and 80 articles on leadership and organizational effectiveness, he has worked in all 50 US states and more than 20 countries around the world.

Adam Drummond—The Instructional Change Agent: 48 Ways to Be the Leader Your School Needs

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About Adam Drummond

Dr. Adam Drummond is the Director of Professional Learning at the International Center for Leadership in Education. With a range of K-12 experience as a teacher and principal, Adam’s servant leadership and passion for making change in the world has offered him the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and leaders across the country and internationally.


Juliana Finegan—Teacher Onboarding

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About Juliana Finegan

Juliana Finegan is a Managing Partner at The Learning Accelerator, leading their practitioner learning work. As an expert in blended and personalized learning and Title 1 educator for almost a decade, Juliana specializes in adult learning, designing tangible resources for practitioners, and engaging partnerships and networks to build strategic support throughout the ecosystem.


Kim Marshall—The Best of The Marshall Memo, Book One: Ideas and Action Steps to Energize Leadership, Teaching, and Learning

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About Kim Marshall

Kim Marshall is the author of The Marshall Memo, which reaches thousands of leaders each week. He spent 32 years with Boston Public Schools as a principal, teacher, and central office administrator, and regular speaks about teacher supervision and evaluation.

Keara Mascareñaz—The New Team Habits: A Guide to the New School Rules

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About Keara Mascareñaz

Keara Mascareñaz is the Managing Partner for Organizational Design at Education Elements. She focuses on organizational design and how to build and scale a culture of innovation in large systems. Keara leads work in change management, leadership development, school design, and strategic planning. Keara is the toolkit creator for The NEW School Rules: 6 Practices for Thriving and Responsive Schools.

Lynmara Colón—Empower Our Girls: Opening the Door for Girls to Achieve More

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About Lynmara Colón

Lynmara Colon is Director of English Language Learner Programs & Services in a Northern Virginia school district, as well as a former principal. She's the author, with Adam Welcome, of Empower Our Girls: Opening the Door for Girls to Achieve More

Andrea Ferrero—Pockets Change

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About Andrea Ferrero

Andrea Ferrero is a global educator with more than a decade of K-12 experience. Looking for tools to break the cycle of poverty and empower learning communities, Andrea stepped into the world of financial literacy and edtech, and she's the founder of Pockets Change, an organization dedicated to inspiring financial capability through the universal language of Hip Hop pedagogy.

Richard Gerver—Education: A Manifesto for Change

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About Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver is an internationally renowned educator, public speaker, and change expert. The author of four books, he is a former teacher and principal, and currently advises governments, corporations, and other large organizations on leadership, change, and innovation.

Stephanie Dean: Opportunity Culture—Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers

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About Stephanie Dean

Stephanie Dean is vice president of strategic policy advising and a senior consulting manager at Public Impact. Her work focuses on identifying and cultivating state policy conditions that help schools extend the reach of excellent teachers.

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